09 March 2011

The Buckeye Stops Here

About two weeks before Christmas 2010, I was selected for an IA. An IA, individual augment, is one of the ways the Navy supports the other services of our United States military. Naval officers and enlisted alike are essentially plucked from their current duties, trained up, and sent to a forward deployed duty. These jobs are a wide variety and can range from a planning assignment for troops in theatre to human assistance jobs in the wake of some natural disaster. There are Sailors hand picked based upon their skillsets to help work with specific weapons systems. My job will eventually send me to Cairo's US Embassy to be a liaison officer for naval exercise planning. No one really is 100% on their job description until you are actually boots-on-ground (BOG)-there's a zinger of a military term for you.

Last Sunday, 27FEB11 started my first step for training, Wright Patterson Air Force Base - the Birthplace of Flight. I had no idea what it was for. In fact I though it was going to be about my use of classified material. Nope, Foreign Military Sales (FMS). That's right boys and girls, Uncle BoBo is going to be drafting up contracts to aid the Egyptians purchase US goods and services for their military. **For anyone who knew me in high school and/or college, please contain your laughter**
It's been almost two weeks and I feel pretty confident with my new abilities and I really hope that when I get to Egypt (my counterpart is actually working out of Bahrain right now) I will be able to settle in and do a great job - no matter what the assignment.

In the meantime, back in San Diego - the party is still kicking. Apparently, there's a new DJ in town and all she wants to listen to is the smooth hits by our little red friend, Elmo. la la, la la <Elmo, Big Bird, Snuffy's> Song... I know KT is going crazy- I sing that song in my head at work and I've been gone for 10 days!

I do get to fly home Friday for a couple days. The house gets packed out on Monday and shipped on Tuesday. Also, KT/AC fly home Tuesday and I'll be driving the car and dogs to Pcola.  Google says it's 30 hours of driving so I think I should be able to make it by Friday night. So if you want to call me - please do!


Katie and Beau said...

oooh, I like your blog design! You'll have to teach me a thing or two. So, I guess we're in competition for who has more followers? So far I'm winning!

We love our naval liaison and can't wait to squeeze his neck!

The Hatcher's said...

I'm so excited you are blogging! Now we can keep up with you, understand what you are doing over there, and send you little comments of encouragement! Let us know your schedule from this point on. We'll come see you off in Pcola if you're up to it.