08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Katie always does these long tribute posts, so I thought I'd give it a try too. Not like this is a competition, but I mean come on. It's a competition, I'm an only child.

I met Katie in 2006, she was a wild woman. A party animal. Her weekends were a blur. She knew all the hot spots. A regular at Bamboo Willies and Saltshaker. Little did she know it was all about to change!

One night at the local tapas bar she met this stud. He swept her off her feet - then proceeded to leave without getting her phone number. Thank goodness for Myspace or he'd never would've gotten the digits.  Katie certainly knows a good thing when she sees it. She sunk those talons in quick! 18 months later, they were married. How about that?

Lucky for both of them, Matt and Kala got married...
Who could resist a man in uniform?
What a handsome couple!

And a couple of weeks after the wedding...We had to start taking pics like this!
Micro-baby bump
Who looks better?

 Then...we got to start taking pictures like this!!

Happy Mother's Day Katie!Love,